Problems Conceiving? This May be one Answer

Problems Conceiving? This May be one Answer

Oligozoospermia (also known as oligospermia), refers to semen with a low concentration of sperm and is a common finding in male infertility. Often semen with a decreased sperm concentration may also show significant abnormalities in sperm morphology and motility. In short, it is a low sperm count and may include problems with sperm movement and the structure of the sperm cell.

New research may hold some hope for men with fertility issues. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study, published in the Journal of Urology (June 13, 2012) looked at the effect of ubiquinol supplementation on patients with oligozoospermia. Ubiquinol is a form of CoQ10.

The subjects of the study were 228 men with unexplained infertility. They were randomly assigned to receive either 200 mg of ubiquinol or a placebo each day for 26 weeks. The subjects were monitored for 12 weeks following the end of the supplementation period. Results suggest ubiquinol supplementation may be effective for improving sperm density, sperm motility and sperm morphology in men with this condition.

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